More Info About Homeopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicinal therapy based on the principle that “Like cures like.” Medicines are given to the ill that have been shown to cause the same symptoms in the healthy. The homeopathic method requires that I understand your “total symptom picture.” That picture includes not only the physical but also the emotional and mental aspects of a condition or illness.

I don’t treat a disease, but rather your specific condition in the exact way you experience it. By employing that method of individual treatment I can use the extremely small dose of medicine (the “minimum dose”) for which homeopathy is known. Homeopathic treatment is specific, low dose and relatively nontoxic. Yet it has a powerful healing effect. 

A well-chosen remedy can help a person suffering from chronic medical problems, not only acute illnesses or minor injuries. Homeopathy may over time reverse the effects of a long-term problem with almost anything that can trouble a person. We all know about the chronic conditions that people live with, medicate and only dream can be cured. The list is long: anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, skin conditions, low energy, long-held grief, IBS, ADD, PMS and more conditions and diseases than can be listed. Most of my practice centers on working with people suffering from chronic conditions.

Why Homeopathy?

·                     Natural, gentle and free of side effects.

·                     Extraordinarily safe.

·                     Effective in treating physical, mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

·                     Highly individualized treatment based on much more than just a diagnosis.

·                     I take the time to listen and understand you.

·                     More affordable than conventional medications.

·                     Works in harmony with the body’s natural healing process.

·                     Supported by numerous double-blind studies.

·                     Practiced throughout the world.

·                     Over 4000 remedies available.

·                     Compatible with conventional medications.

For more information on homeopathy and what it can do for you, please refer to our resources page.



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